About the Company

The company’s mission is to develop modern engineering in Russia.

The company’s employees have more than 25 years of unique experience in the field of industrial and civil construction. INTENS ENGINEERING is a trustworthy partner for all construction customers and investors.

INTENS ENGINEERING provides a full range of services in the field of construction management, from developing a project’s business to its execution.

The company follows the trends of the global engineering services market which is estimated at more than $750 billion per year, according to the Agency of Technological Development.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • Successful experience at unique construction sites

  • Our team of experts

  • Understanding the importance of a business’ reputation

  • Efficient management of the company’s intellectual potential and its capital

  • Risk minimization and effective decision-making

  • Result-oriented approach

Our key skills are:

  • Engineering and a range of construction management experience
  • Technical customer, technical expert, and general contractor functions
  • Financial and technical audit functions
Andrey Romanovsky

Andrey Romanovsky


Born on November 13, 1972 in Nizhnekamsk, Tatar ASSR.

In 1995 he graduated from Far Eastern Federal University with a degree in law.

Since 1999, he has held senior positions:

• 1999 — CEO of ZAO Dera;

• 2000–2002 — Head of Development and Retail Sales Division within the Marketing and Sales Department of TNK-Ukraine, a foreign-invested enterprise;

• 2002–2004 — Deputy Head of the Department for Relations with the Central Regions of the Russian Federation within the Regional Relations Department of AO Sibneft, subsequently transferred to the position of Deputy Head of the Strategic Development Department;

• 2005–2017 — Chairman of the Management Board of the Odessa Open Joint Stock Company for Petroleum Products Export and Import;

• 2017–2019 — a member of the Management Board of Odessa Open Joint Stock Company for Petroleum Products Export and Import;

• 2021 — the Board of Directors of OOO INTENS ENGINEERING appointed him the company’s CEO.