Сomprehensive engineering

A full range of services for the justification, development and implementation of construction projects.

Full implementation of projects, including the supply of equipment modeled on EPCM contracts (engineering, procurement, construction, management), from the organization of engineering processes for design and construction management, to making the facility operational.

The full range of engineering services in the field of construction, both for the full cycle of work on the project, and for individual stages of its implementation. More

Technical customer functions

INTENS ENGINEERING provides technical customer support services for construction projects from the beginning, as well as services for conducting a complex of studies to analyze the total cost of construction, check the volume and quality of construction and installation work at each stage of project implementation. More

General contractor functions

INTENS is ready to take over the management of projects at all stages of construction.

  • Design engineering organization
  • Organization of all types of construction works in accordance with the approved project documentation
  • Coordination of subcontractors’ work
  • Monitoring of the compliance with production technologies and safety measures, and timely delivery of all necessary materials
  • The handing over of the constructed object to the acceptance committee

Financial and technical control of the effectiveness of the implementation of investments and protection of the interests of the customer, investor of the construction project More